Visa Health Screening

Foreign Employment Visa Health Screening

Our organization i.e. Nita Polyclinic & Diagnostic Center Pvt Ltd believes that foreign employment seekers and migrants benefit from improved standard of physical, mental and social well-being, which enables them to substantially contribute towards the social and economic development of their home communities and host societies. For that reason, our institution conducts pre-employment medical examination and provides a package of service that includes medical screening, a review of migrants’ medical history, counseling and health education, and final health report preparation. These medical examinations are conducted to ensure that the foreign employment member will be able to carry out the work for which he/she is employed. Our examination takes into consideration the occupational circumstances and hazards of working at foreign company when assessing fitness for duty.

Recognized by Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population and Ministry of Foreign Employment

ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Providing Healthcare and Medical Diagnostic Services with Polyclinic Facility 

Be Healthy, Be Independent!

The examination and test criteria are selected based on the risks we see in our claims statistics. The risks differ from one person to another due to diets, biological variations, cultures etc. Thus, the tests will be tailored accordingly. We collate & correlate the test results to precisely identify the health problem or health risks that form a better picture of the Foreign Employment’s health. All the required pre-medical fitness examinations of Foreign Employment’s are done at our institution.

For the Foreign Employment’s and Traveller’s Visa Health screening, we have found that the following detail checklist covers the main risks.

Included Tests
Name Description
A medical declaration  
Body morphology (BMI)  
Cardiac risk factor calculation(Lipid Profile)  
Chest x-ray and lung function  
Clinical Laboratory Investigation  
Complete blood test (CBC/FBC)  
Dental Screening  
Diabetes mellitus  
Drug testing  
Genital examination  
Hepatitis test  
HIV testing  
Identity of Foreign Employment  
Identity of Students  
Identity of Traveller’s  
Kidney function test  
Liver function test  
Malaria smear  
Physical examination  
Pregnancy test (when appropriate)  
Psychological evaluation(if required by university and recruit company)  
Stool examination(if required)  
Virology TPPA – Syphilis test  
Visual testing and color blindness  
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