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X Ray Cystogram

NRS. 2500

NRS. 3000

  • Appointment Required: Mandatory
  • Fasting Required: No Need
  • Reports Available: 1-2 days

Cystogram is an examination that takes pictures of your bladder and urethra and is performed by a Radiologist and assisted by an x-ray technologist. A thin flexible tube (catheter) is inserted through your urethra into your bladder. Contrast material is introduced into your bladder through the catheter, then x-rays are taken with the contrast material in your bladder. Additional x-rays may be taken while urine flows out of your bladder, in which case the test is called a voiding cystogram. 

This examination will help determine the cause of repeated urinary tract infections, or urinary incontinence. It can also detect structural problems of the bladder and urethra.

If you do not already have a catheter, you will be asked to arrive 30 minutes early and have a catheter placed by a nurse in the Emergency Room. You will then be escorted to an x-ray room and asked to lie on your back on an x-ray table. The x-ray technologist will introduce contrast material through the catheter until your bladder is full. You will asked to assume various positions while x-rays are taken. After the test is over, drink lost of fluids to help wash the contrast material out of your bladder and to reduce burning on urination.

The test will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

No precaution required.

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