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Uroflowmetry(Uroflow test)

NRS. 1500

NRS. 1600

  • Appointment Required: Mandatory
  • Fasting Required: Urinary bladder should be full
  • Reports Available: Daily

Uroflowmetry measures the flow of urine. It tracks how fast urine flows, how much flows out, and how long it takes. It’s a diagnostic test to assess how well the urinary tract functions. The test is called a uroflow test.

The test can help to determine how well your bladder and sphincter are functioning. The test can also be used to test for obstructions in the normal flow of urine. By measuring the average and maximum rates of your urine flow, the test can estimate the severity of any blockage or obstruction. It can also help identify other urinary problems, such as a weakened bladder or an enlarged prostate.

  • Be sure to arrive at Diagnostic center with a full bladder. You should drink plenty of liquids to make sure you have enough urine for the test.
  • After testing the flow of urine, you should discuss the results of your test with your doctor.


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