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Cancer Marker for Male

Cancer Marker for Male

Tumour Marker " Early Diagnosis Saves Lives"



Tests Parameter:

PSA, Ca19.9, AFP, CEA


This package has tests to check for :

·       Prostate-specific antigen (PSA): an elevated level may be a sign of prostatitis and prostate cancer

·       Ca19.9 Marker: Pancreatic Cancer, Gall Bladder Cancer, Bile Duct Cancer, Gastric Cancer

·       AFP: Cancer of Liver, Cancer of Testes, Cancer of Brain, Cancer of Mediastinum, Cancer of Blood

·       CEA: Cancer of Large Intestine, Rectum


Why tumour marker tests are done

Tumour marker tests are done to: look for cancer in people who have a strong family history of a particular cancer but don’t have symptoms (screening)

  •            diagnose cancer
  •            see how far the cancer has spread (staging)
  •            predict how aggressive the cancer is likely to be
  •            predict what treatment the cancer is likely to respond to
  •            predict how likely it is that the cancer will come back (recur) after treatment
  •            find out if cancer treatment is working or see if cancer has come back after treatment


Process :

The lab technician will collect blood sample from the patient.

This will be processed in a lab and the report provided usually within 24 hours.


Who should take this test :

All adults (above age 18) should take this test (or equivalent) at least once an year.


Fasting not mandatory. 

NRS. 5000 NRS. 5500


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