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Visa Health Clinic (Immigration Medical Examination)

Our MARATHON HEALTH SCREENING provides a package of services for students, travelers, foreign employment seekers and other migrants that includes medical screening, a review of medical history, health education counselling and final health report preparation for the foreign travelers and migrants. The medical examinations that we do are conducted to ensure that whether the migrants are able to carry out the assigned work for which he/she is employed. While assessing fitness for duty in the third country, our examinations also take into consideration the occupational circumstance and hazards of staying, working and studying in the country of destination.

Team NITA believes that foreign seekers and other migrants benefit from improved standard of physical, mental and social well-being which enables them to substantially contribute towards social and economic development of their home communities and host societies as well.


Nita recognized by Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health & Population & National Public Health Laboratory, Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, which has been permitted to conduct health screening to the Employee seekers, Seafarers, Travellers,  Students (pursue their studies in third countries) and to other migrants. Apart from that, NITA is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified health institute for providing healthcare and medical diagnostic services.

NITA conducts VISA HEALTH SCREENING examination for 108 countries opened by GoN and MOLESS for Foreign Employment like Singapore, Hong Kong, Jordan, Israel, Australia, Azerbaijan, China, Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, Philippines, Panama, Poland, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, USA, UK etc

The test contents in the medical examination packages as per the Government of Nepal check list or advice of the related country consulate . If required additional tests have to be done as per their protocol. We collate & correlate the test results to precisely identify the health problem or health risks that form a better picture of the candidates health.

The following detail checklist covers the main risks -

  • Identity of Students, Travelers and Foreign Employment 
  • A medical declaration
  • Physical examination
  • Genital examination
  • Body morphology (BMI)
  • Visual testing and color blindness
  • ECG
  • Chest x-ray and lung function
  • Dental Screening
  • Clinical Laboratory Investigation

o   Complete blood test (CBC/FBC) with ESR

o   Complete Urinalysis

o   Blood Glucose: Fasting/Random

o   Liver function test: Bilirubin Total/Direct, SGPT,SGOT

o   Kidney function test: Urea, Creatinine

o   Serology: VDRL, TPHA (Syphilis test), HBsAg, Anti HCV,HIV

o   Mantoux for TB  

o   Drug testing

o   Stool examination(if required)

o   Pregnancy test (when appropriate)


Appointment Details

Applicants are requested to make prior appointments for the medical examination.

Online appointments are also available.


Opening Hours

Our department is open from 9:00 am until 5 pm for new clients.

For follow up please kindly visit us between 10:30 pm to 5 pm.


Documents / Records to be brought on the day of medical examination

Original Passport / National Id with photo (Citizenship or voter id) along with 1 photo copy.

3 recent passport size photos and

Health Form or letter from the Foreign University/embassy (If any)


Additional Information

Please bring the photo copy of old medical reports / medicines / prescription / Vaccination records (if any).

Your prescription Glasses/spectacles or contact lenses(If worn), if you have any

Pregnant applicants have the option to undergo chest x ray with protective gear (double lead shield covering of the abdomen) or can defer medical exam until post-delivery. Applicant has to check with their gynecologist before coming for the medicals regarding the above.

Food - no restrictions.


Payment Details

All fees must be borne by the applicant and can be paid in cash / Credit card.

If any other further tests/consults are advised by the panel physician after the medical examination, applicants have to bear the cost.

Cost of additional test - As per the current Clinic tariff.

Cost of the vaccines are additional.


Duration of The Medical Check Up

The duration of the medical examination: 1 to 2 hours on the 1st day.


Reports Dispatch

The reports will be handed over on the third working day because of the Tuberculin skin test which will be read after 48 hours.

If the reports are abnormal additional tests will be required which will delay the duration of stay. Abnormal reports will be sent to consulate once cleared by the panel physician.

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