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The Quality Control Department of NITA

monitors all aspects of quality continuously by the following activities :

Analysis of Quality Indicators

Monthly analysis of various processes which include Test Order Accuracy, Sample Identification Accuracy, Critical Values Reporting , Turn Around Time and more, is carried out and corrective action is taken where needed.

Daily Incidence Log

Non confirming work and problems with quality system are documented on a daily basis and root cause analysis is carried out before corrective measures are proposed.

Process Time Management

The delays in each step of the testing process, right up to final report delivery is analyzed with the help of a Process Time Management Software and adequate corrective action is taken to minimize delays.


NITA has a defined policy and procedure for documentation which covers approval, issuance, amendment, review and security of documents which is adhered to strictly. We believe that proper documentation can be the strength of a lab as an audit trail is a must for reduction of errors.

Internal Audits

Periodical internal audits to check compliance with ISO increase efficiency.

Management Review Meeting (MRM)

Periodic MRMs serve as an open forum for voicing of opinions of staff members with the aim of focusing on the quality system, it’s effectiveness and necessitate change where required for better customer satisfaction.

Customer Feedback and Complaints

Daily analysis of customer feedback and complaints greatly enhances our ability to make changes to serve our customers to the best of our ability.
Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.

Supplier Evaluation

Services of suppliers of critical consumables, supplies and services are put under the scanner annually through a supplier performance rating system. Suppliers found wanting in performance in any manner are asked to shape up or else their services are terminated.

Outsource Lab Performance Analysis

Only reliable, CAP and NABL accredited labs are used by NITA for outsourcing of tests. An Annual performance analysis of outsource lab is carried out so we rely only on the best.

Internal Quality Control

We conduct no sample test until we’ve run quality control, analyzed result and taken corrective action wherever needed.

Proficiency Control External Quality Control

Unknown lab samples and test results are sent to external agencies which report on our performance. NITA is part of 10 such national and international level proficiency testing programs.

Technical Meetings

By annual technical meetings are held to analyze trends and discuss addition of latest technologies.
To reinforce quality checks numerous other activities are brought into play like regular checks on batch to batch variation in reagents, repeat tests and re runs are done to rule out random errors, reviewing of results by pathologists to name a few.

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