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Non-invasive Prenatal test (NIPT)

Non-invasive Prenatal test (NIPT)

Maternal blood to screen the most common fetal chromosome abnormalities 



Test Code: MGM1842

NIPT is a safe, simple, non-invasive prenatal test, which offers screening for certain genetic conditions from as early as week 9 of pregnancy. Using the latest genetic sequencing technology, Panorama is the most advanced Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) performed on maternal blood to screen the most common fetal chromosome abnormalities such as t21, t18, t13, Monosomy X, Triploidy and Microdeletions.

Clinical Utility

  • Identifies Trisomy 21, 13 & 18, Monosomy X, Triploidy  & Micro deletions.
  • Can differentiate between Maternal & Fetal DNA.
  • The test can be used as early as 9 weeks of gestation.(Valid Between 10-24 weeks of gestation)
  • The Test is done by using Maternal Peripheral Blood.
  • The test is accurate even at fetal fractions as low as 4%.
  • Only NIPT test that uses SNPs(Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) to differentiate maternal from the fetal DNA.
  • Sensitivity & Specificity >99%

Recommended for whom?

  • Women who wish to have non-invasive fetal aneuploides test for Trisomy 21,18 and 13.
  • Women whose age is 35 or above and do not choose to receive invasive prenatal tests.
  • Women who receive IVF or previously suffered from habitual abortion.


8-10ml of maternal blood. These are to collected in special kit provided by Nita Labs.

Follow sample collection process as mentioned in KIT. After sample collection rotate the streck tube 10 times clockwise and 10 times anti clockwise (Please send duly filled , signed and stamped PNDT (Pre-Natal Diagnostic Test Form G)

Free Home/Office Sample Collection. Call or WhatsApp 9801036380/9801831090

Reported on

14 working days



These are to collected in special kit provided by Nita Labs.

Reported on

14 working days

NRS. 22000 NRS. 28600


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