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Good health is the sister of beauty!

Cost effective complete Women’s Check-up.

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Women Fitness Package can assess the wellbeing of women between the ages 18-55. This checkup can benefit you through the early detection of serious health problems.

cost effective complete Women’s Check-up. A routine full-body check-up is important to access your overall health. Most importantly, it effectively motivates you to lead a healthy and happy life.

Tests Parameter:

Test for Blood disorders, infections, allergy: Complete Blood Count, ESR

Test for Kidney diseases: Urea, Creatinine, Calcium, Uric Acid, Sodium, Potassium

Test for Liver diseases: Albumin, Alkaline Phosphatase, Bilirubin- Total, Direct, Indirect, Total Protein, SGPT, SGOT

Test for Heart diseases: Cholesterol Total, Cholesterol-HDL-Direct, Cholesterol-LDL-Calculated, Triglyceride, VLDL-Calculated

Test for Diabetes: Glucose Fasting/Random

Test for Thyroid Function: T3, T4, TSH

Complete Urine Analysis

Tests for Cancer Screening: PAP Smear

Radio diagnosis: Ultrasound- Abdomen/Pelvis

Gynecologist Consultation

This package has tests to check for:

·       CBC (Blood counts), which tell us about the status of Hemoglobin and Iron, any infection in the blood and nature of infection (Bacterial / Viral), and platelet count.

·       An ESR test can help to determine if you have a condition that causes inflammation, may also be a sign of a chronic disease, an immune disorder, or other medical condition.

  • Normal functioning of the thyroid gland and its hormones (these hormones as necessary for proper metabolism and help in other body functions)
  • Heart risk profile and cholesterol levels which effect the heart
  • Blood counts which include RBCs, platelets etc, which indicate various conditions in the body
  • Blood-sugar levels to determine diabetes risk
  • Minerals that regulate body acidity, water balance and heart performance
  • Liver and various liver diseases
  • Kidneys, which produce urine, and chances for kidney disease
  • Elements of the urine, that are connected to various bodily functions
  • PAP Smear for female is very important test for finding abnormal cells on cervix that could lead to cervical cancer.
  • Abdominal ultrasound: It provides an image of the organs and other structures in the upper abdomen. It may be performed to evaluate: Abdominal     aorta and other blood vessels of the abdomen, Spleen, Gallbladder, Pancreas, Liver, Kidneys
  • Pelvic Ultrasound: A pelvic ultrasound may be done to evaluate the following:

Kidney stones, Uterus, Cervix, Ovaries Fallopian tubes, Bladder    and monitor the health and development of the fetus during and after pregnancy,



LABs Tests: 8-10 hours of fasting preferable. The lab technician will collect blood sample from the patient. This will be processed in a lab and the report provided usually within 24 hours.

USG: you must fast for 4 to 6 hours before the examination, not chew gum, have finished drinking 4 eight-ounce (960 mL) glasses of water 75 minutes before your appointment (without urinating). Radiologist doctor will perform your ultrasound, will look at your organs and other structure images.

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