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NITA Path Labs

NITA Path Labs

Nita PathLabs, a stringent quality assurance process and we utilise advanced fully automated equipment to ensure that your results are accurate – always.

Women's Health Clinic

Women's Health Clinic

We are one of Nepal's leading healthcare providers dedicated to Gynecological Disorders. At Advance Gynecological Clinic, a comprehensive approach is offered for all gynae problems of all age groups.

Family Medicine & Wellness Clinic

Family Medicine & Wellness Clinic

Specialized clinic dedicated to providing comprehensive care for patients with heart conditions. We offer a range of services, including preventative care, diagnostic testing, and treatment options tailored to your specific needs.

Advance Dental Clinic

Advance Dental Clinic

We focus on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and irregularities involving the teeth, gums and other tissues of the mouth.

Wellness & Diagnostic

With more than 10 Years of Excellence in Diagnostic Healthcare, holding to the responsibility for providing high-quality clinical care to all our patients.

Heart Checkup

NRS. 4500 NRS. 7500

First Trimester Quad Screen Test

NRS. 6400 NRS. 6500

Allergy Comprehensive Panel

NRS. 13500 NRS. 15400

Second Trimester Quadruple Test

NRS. 5600 NRS. 5800

Infertility Assessment Profile, Female

NRS. 6000 NRS. 9450

Non-invasive Prenatal test (NIPT)

NRS. 22000 NRS. 28600

Hormone Profile Comprehensive

NRS. 6600 NRS. 10000

Immunization Check Profile

NRS. 8500 NRS. 10700

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